How To Guidelines


Turning your HearMode device on and off:

  • The battery door also functions as the on/off switch. The hearing device is on when the battery door is fully closed.
  • To turn the hearing device off, pull open and lift the battery door with your fingernail. 
  • Please remember to switch the hearing device off when it is not in use to reduce battery consumption.


Adjusting the volume:

  • The volume control adjusts the amount of output sound. Identify the volume dial which has a circular shape and sits below the battery door.
  • Using the metallic end of the adjustment tool provided, use the tool like a screwdriver to turn the volume control clockwise (to the right)for maximum sound amplification.
  • Similarly, turn the volume control anticlockwise (to the left)to lower the sound.
  • Please note that your healthcare professional may prefer to set the volume control to your particular hearing requirements.

Using the fitting domes:

  • A select of domes has been included with your hearing device. The hearing device can also be worn without any domes.
  • The function of the domes is to improve fitting comfort and/or reduce whistling.
  • To remove a dome, pinch the dome with your fingers and pull off the end of the hearing device.
  • To insert, push the dome onto the end of the hearing device so that it is on securely as possible.
  • The dome should not pull off the hearing device when you pull on it with light pressure. Please check before each insertion into the ear.